Our story

Who is LA DIHYA?

LA DIHYA is an Amazigh warrior queen who reigned over the Berbers in the 7th century and fought against the Umayyads during the Islamic expansion in North Africa. 

She was one of the first feminists and warrior queens in history which makes her an allegorical figure of courage, wisdom, abnegation and resistance.


About us: 

Coming from an Amazigh heritage myself, immersed in the North African culture, I have always been passionate about natural beauty and the rituals needed to take care of ourselves. I strongly believe that taking time from our busy lives to take care of our body and soul is the key to a beauty that shines from the inside out. 

North African beauty rituals were used to create and preserve collective identities. Traditionally, these rituals were passed on to generations from mother to daughter. Such rituals included perfumes, kohl, henna, oils, ghassoul clay, black soap, indigo, and much more. 

We take great pride in the quality of our products but we are not only passionate about cosmetics, we are also devoted to our client’s health and well-being. Our ancient roots are the foundation of our age-old rituals and by sharing them with you, we provide you with a lifestyle that will become the custodian of your body. Our philosophy along with our natural organic products will nourish a healthy body and mind.



Founder of La Dihya