I bought black soap when I went to Morocco and I loved it. La Dihya black soap OMG this soap is exactly like the authentic one. made my skin so soft and helped with my back acne. I use it with the exfoliation glove and without it. I definitely will buy it again

Vanessa, M

Slightly earthy/peaty olive scent combined with Lavender, which is not overpowering. Skin exfoliated really well after letting the soap soak in for a few minutes. I felt like a spa experience using this products at home.

Aicha. B

Love how it feels and smells! Feels amazing, cooling at first, and then hardened and tightened when it dried. I absolutely love how this clay has transformed my skin! I have oily, blemish-prone skin, and using this clay has tightened my pores, controlled my outbreaks, balanced the excess of oil, and lightened/evened my overall skin tone

Isabelle. A